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 Utah Chapter
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Welcome to the Western Music Association -
Utah Chapter
The Western Music Association - Utah Chapter
is an organization that encourages and supports
the preservation, performance and composition of
historic traditional and contemporary music and poetry of
The West and within the State of Utah
Western Music is the folk music of the Western life style and vista. 
Some Western music originates from roots in
English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ballads,
 as well as musical influences from the European countries
of immigrants who "went west" and some carries jazz and blues origins.
While "Cowboy" music is an important part of the history of Western Music,
the stories and lifestyles of the larger populations of

Western culture are equally important: settlers, farmers,
ranchers, horsemen and women, soldiers and the
women who accompanied them into the west,
miners, opportunists, gamblers, saloon keepers, school teachers,
and other town folk who populated the great
American west are all subjects of modern day Western music.
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